Monday, August 06, 2012

My first postcards

This are some cards I received before becoming a postcrosser, that's why this cards have a special place in my collection.

I received my very first postcard in 1995, it was from my dad while he was working in Brazil and it's my favorite and most special card for obvious reasons.

I sent this one to myself when I was in London

I received this one from a friend while celebrating the anniversary of a forum I was member of

I sent this one to myself from Chicago

I got this ones from Ivet, one of my best friends who lives in Czech Republic and is the sweetest most thoughtful person ever and thinks of me and my love for postcards in every trip she makes! 


  1. La de Perú te la mando Kimi cierto?

    1. me la mando Peka! cuando fue el intercambio del foro ella estaba de vacaciones en Perú

  2. aaah... mira tu. jajajaj yo tengo un Pique como tu xavi, en versio grande y chiquita. Uy facil fue cuando conoci a peka.