Tuesday, May 14, 2013


This card is one of those that's very simple but really lovely! I really liked it and it features some of the basic tools for us snail-mailers: pens!
Plus that I need Spain stamp that I like very much

Gracias Ari!


  1. My pleasure.
    I was a little bit curious to know if you will upload the card to the blog.

    Ahh, and also, the stamp... if I'm not wrong, once you asked about that specific stamp at the forum ;-)

    1. Yes! It's a lovely card and I want to upload all of my collection here (even though there are some I haven't posted yet and actually got them a long time ago)

      And yes I asked for that stamp a while ago! So sweet you remembered (: I think it's a nice stamp and I like it specially since the only spanish stamp I seem to get is the one with the glass of water :/

    2. Yep, we don't have a new stamp for 0.90€.
      I'm waiting a new one, I'm tired of the glass of water too and I'm to lazy to buy a lot of stamps with different amounts and play "Tetris" with them in the little space of the postcards jejeje.

      Jo, en los demás te respondo en español y en este tema, sigo en inglés. Que caso más curioso.

    3. Thank you very much Ari!
      Tu escríbeme en español, inglés, francés o como quieras yo aprecio mucho que me dejas comentarios jajaja

      Te juro que ese sello del vaso ya me ha cansado pero al menos no es el de la cara del rey que aunque no tengo tantos ese sello es demasiado "equis" y entiendo que a veces es complicado tratar de hacer que los precios cuadren, ultimamente me ha pasado que me dan el mismo sello para todo, en unos días iré de compras y espero que me den variados... lo que no entiendo de España es por que sacan tan pocos sellos con tarifa internacional

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