Sunday, June 02, 2013

Hong Kong

A vibrant night view a long some really cool stamps, specially the one in the middle that is part of a  series featuring the zodiac and Taurus happens to be my zodiac sign!

Hong Kong (Fragrant Harbor in Cantonese) is a place with multiple personalities, as a result of being both Cantonese Chinese and under a more recent contemporary ex-British influence. Today, the former British colony is a major tourism destination for China's increasingly affluent mainland population. It is also an important hub in East Asia with global connections to many of the world's cities. It is a unique destination that has absorbed people and cultural influences from places as diverse as Vietnam and Vancouver and proudly proclaims itself to be Asia's World City.

While "legally" part of China, Hong Kong is secluded from mainland China as a dependency with a high degree of autonomy. The former colony has its own constitution which lays out its own government, own laws, separate immigration controls, financial system, own passport and is officially bi-lingual (Cantonese and English). 

Do-jeh May!

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