Saturday, September 21, 2013

Snail-mailers around the globe: Poland

For this interview we have Aleksandra from Poland, she answered to my call for volunteers on the fb postcrossing group and she was nice enough to answer this super quickly, she has really special and cool postcard to show as well as some interesting facts about tarsiers... Keep on reading to find out a bit more!

In what snail-mailing activities do you take part?
Right now I’m doing only private swaps of postcards and also characteristic souvenir keychains from all around the world.

How did you became a snail-mailer? 
Well as far as I remember I have always been a snail-mailer :) It was kind of a tradition to send a postcards from holidays or even one-day-trips to friends. But now we’re all grownups and many of my friends abandoned this tradition so it was really great to discover Postcrossing and start this great hobby once again.    

For how long have you been doing this? 
Generally – 16 years.
As official Postcrosser – over 3 years. 

Can you show me 3 of your favorite postcards and make a little explanation on why you like them? 

This card is really special for me because it shows the huge enigmatic stone faces of Bayon temple in Cambodia. It’s one of the ‘must see’ places on my list. And what’s makes this postcard more special is the fact that it’s stamped exactly 12.12.12.

Another of my favourities postcards shows Zulu Prince. A descendat of the family of the legendary warrior Shaka, Prince Galenga, who wears the traditional Zulu furs and skins of a man of superior rank. I really love this beautiful portrait!

And the last one is from Martinique. You can see a great painting with vivid colors made by local artist Catherine Gallian Satin-Clair. This style of painting reminds me of the paintings and drawings I made when I was a little girl. That’s why this postcard makes me a bit sentimental. 

How much does it cost to send a postcard in your country? 

Prices depend on weight so it doesn’t matter if you’re sending just one postcard or a few cards inside an envelope, you just have to pay attention to the weight.

1 USD=3,16 PLN
For example:
Stamps to Poland (prices in PLN) 
1-350g – 1,60/3,75(bigger size) normal stamp
1-350g – 2,35/5,10(bigger size) priority stamp

Stamps to other countries (prices in PLN):
1-50g – 4,60 normal stamp
1-50g – 5 priority stamp
51-100g – 9 normal stamp
51-100g – 11,50 priority stamp
101-350g – 10 normal stamp
101-350g – 13 priority stamp

Do you have any themed collections? If you do, why are you collecting them? 
I have one complete themed collection, it’s a set of 48 illustrated postcards issued for Expo 2010 in Shanghai. I wanted this postcards really bad and I’ve been collecting them for more than a year. And why? Well, I’m an art history student and the topic of my Bachelor’s thesis was connected to pavilions at this Expo so I thought it will be amazing to have this set.

Besides that I’m collecting postcards with paintings made by Paul Giovanopoulos and cards with indigenous people or people in national clothes.

If you are into pen-paling, from which countries do you have pen-pals from? 
I have few pen-pals, one is from Thailand, one from India, one from United Arab Emirates and another is from Mali. 

Have you discovered any destination you'd like to travel to thanks to a postcard? 
I've always wanted to see Cambodia but during my adventure with Postcrossing I realized that I also need to see Thailand. I’m totally in love in that country right now! And that’s the main reason I have so many postcards from there :) 

Please share a few facts about other countries you've learned thanks to postcards or letters:
Well I have in my mind a postcard from the Phillipines with a tarsier (click here for a picture) they are beautiful and extremely cute animals, but there's a sad fact about them, tarsiers have suicidal tendencies. When disturbed by loud noises and touching, they tend to bang their heads on hard surfaces until they die :(

A few fun/strange/surprising facts you'd like to share about your country? 
A surprising fact about Poland may be that the pizza here doesn't contain tomato sauce. The waiters bring sauce to the table in a pitcher, and you pour it on top. Sometimes the sauce is just ketchup :)
And one more thing that might be surprising for some people is the fact that in Poland we need to change tires for winter.

In your opinion, what is it that makes sending postcards and letters through snail-mail special?
I  think it’s the sense that someone from far away country, someone who is a total stranger to you is spending their time to find postcard fitting your taste or just to write few words to you. 

Dziękuję Aleksandra!


  1. You're welcome :) Happy I could help xD

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    1. It was a really fun interview, I'm really glad you enjoyed participating! (:

  2. I really like the idea of these interviews :) It is always nice to get a glimpse of other snailmailers. Although different countries, they are not that different ;) I also love this postcard from Cambodia!!