Saturday, September 21, 2013


How lovely is this card with some typical toys? I really feel like hugging this card every time I see it! :D I think it might have a little typo and is supposed to say "Classic Charm" still it's too cute! 

**Also I'd like to take the chance to make a quick announcement about the blog**
First of all I want to thank everyone who keeps visiting! Also I really want to apologize about the lack of updates and the fact I've been saying I was going to go back to regular updates and not doing it, I moved to another place and everything was hectic but now I'm all settled and ready to update regularly! (: I have tons of lovely cards to share with you guys.
Also I have great news about "Snail-mailer around the globe" I have lots of new volunteers so we will be able to keep enjoying the interviews for some months! The first new one is coming right after this post so don't miss it and keep an eye on all the ones to come and last but not least I really encourage you all to leave comments! Pretty please I'd appreciate feedback a lot specially on the interviews. 
And well that's all for now, thank you and stay tuned! (:


  1. es preciosa!!!!!
    Felicidades Niza! La has conseguido por el oficial o es un swap??

    1. Marta guapa que gusto verte por aquí! :D Es de un swap, bastante linda no? (: