Sunday, November 10, 2013

Personalities from Prague

This is a very original card I happen to like very much because it's about history, we can see very interesting people that are connected to Prague in different periods of time, from the Austro-Hunagrian empire, to Czechoslovakia to the Czech Republic. 

This are the people we can see and a little explanation I made of who they are: 
  • Jan Neruda (Czech writer and poet)
  • Svatý Václav (Considered the patron saint of the Czech state)
  • Karel Čapek (Czech writer) 
  • T.G. Masaryk (Politician, founder and first president of Czechoslovakia) 
  • Václav Havel (Politician and writer, last president of Czechoslovakia and first of Czech Republic)
  • Alfons Mucha (Czech painter, one of the most important exponents of Art Noveau) 
  • O. Kokoschka (Austrian painter, I think his connection comes from the time Prague was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire)
  • Princezna Libuše (She's considered the founder of Prague and an ancestor of the Přemyslid dynasty) 
  • Josef II (Holy Roman Emperor from the Habsburg monarchy, he was king of the czech region of Bohemia) 
  • R.M. Rilke (Czech Poet) 
  • Franz Kafka (Czech writer) 
  • Janáček (Czech composer)
  • Smetana (Czech composer)
  • Dvořák (Czech composer)
  • Martinů (Czech composer)
  • Tycho Brahe (Danish astronomer, he went to Prague as Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II's royal mathematician and eventually died there) 
  • J. Kepler (German astronomer, he worked with Tycho Brahe and became royal mathematician for Rudolf II after him) 
  • Jan Hus (Czech priest and philosopher) 
  • Švejk (He's the main character of a famous novel written by Czech author Jaroslav Hašek)
  • Karel IV (First king of Bohemia to become Holy Roman Emperor, during his reign Prague became the capital of the Holy Roman Empire)  
  • Rudolf II (As I mentioned before, he was a Holy Roman Emperor)
  • Golema Rabi Low (The Golem from jewish folklore) 
  • W.A. Mozart (One of the most famous composers we all know)  
Dekuju Zuzana!

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