Saturday, March 30, 2013

007: Dr.No

I got this awesome postcard with an awesome Christmas stamp (you can't appreciate it but it's shiny!) from Russia.

The card is a reproduction of the 1962 poster for the first James Bond movie: Dr. No
The movie was based on the novel of the same name written by Ian Fleming and was directed by Terence Young, James Bond was portrayed by (the very handsome) Sean Connery.

On the movie James Bond (007) is Britain's top agent and is on a exciting mission, to solve the mysterious murder of a fellow agent. The task sends him to Jamaica, where he joins forces with Quarrel and a loyal CIA agent, Feliz Leiter. While dodging tarantulas, "fire breathing dragons", femme fatales and a trio of assassins, known as the three blind mice. Bond meets up with the beautiful Honey Ryder and goes face to face with the evil Dr. No

And as I like to do with movie cards, here's the trailer of the film:

Spasibo Natasha!

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