Saturday, March 30, 2013

Barcelona postcrossing meet-up!

On February 10 of this year there was a Postcrossing meet-up in Barcelona and some of my spanish friends were there along Paulo and Ana (the bosses of Postcrossing!!!) so I got this beautiful card with the signatures of some spanish postcrossers plus Paulo & Ana as a lovely surprise courtesy from my awesome friend Marta who always sends me surprises that make my day.

On the card we can see Barcelona's Cathedral.

Barcelona Cathedral (also known as La Seu) is a celebrated example of Catalan Gothic architecture dating from the 14th century. Its graceful spires can be seen from throughtout the Gotic quarter of Barcelona. 
The elevated site occupied by the cathedral has always been the spiritual center of Barcelona. First it was a Roman temple, then a Mosque and then a church, it's construction began in 1298 and was completed in 1448.
The crypth beneath the high altar contains the sarcophagus of Santa Eulalia, patroness of the cathedral and co-patroness of the city.
Probably the best part of the cathedral is the 14th-century cloister, which historian Cirici called "the loveliest oasis in Barcelona". Its vaulted galleries overlook a lush garden filled with orange, medlar and palm trees and a mossy central pond. Unusually the cloister is home to a gaggle of white geese whose ancestors have lived here for five centuries, how they originally arrived remains a mystery and various legends have it that they represent the virginity of St. Eulalia or the former splendor of Rome.
On the northern side is the chapter house, which contains a small museum of religious artifacts. 
An elevator ride to the roof provides a fine view of Gothic Barcelona.

MuchĂ­simas gracias Marta!

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