Thursday, March 14, 2013


A card from Manila, Philippines along some really colorful stamps! 
Manila is the capital of the Philippines and the nation's center of education, business, and transportation.
Manila has a reputation as a congested, polluted concrete jungle, and is often overlooked as a mere stopover for travelers aiming to reach other Philippine provinces or islands. To an extent this reputation is deserved, but Manila is nevertheless rapidly developing and has its own rich history and experiences to offer. The city is sprawling, bustling, and culturally complicated, with a colorful multi-cultural heritage and varied nightlife.
It is often described as the only capital city in Asia that’s not an Orientalist's dream. A foreigner may be surprised that a local looks just like any Asian, but wears mostly T-shirt and jeans, can speak fluent English, reads and writes in Roman text and is not at home with chopsticks. As we now see it, Manila is more modern and western judging from the steel and glass skyscrapers dotting the skyline and the old spanish architecture.

Thank you Marie!

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