Thursday, January 24, 2013

12-12-12 from Vigo

A lovely card from Vigo, however what makes this card special is not it's "loveliness" but it's postmark, as you can see it was postmarked on 12/12/12, so it's a souvenir from the last repetitive date you and me will experience.

Vigo is a city and municipality situated in north-west Spain, in the Spanish autonomous community of Galicia, and on the ria, or bay, of the same name, on the Atlantic Ocean. Vigo is the most populous city in Galicia, and the 14th in Spain.
Some of Vigo's main sights:
  • Casco Vello (historic centre)
  • Porta do Sol, Policarpo Sanz and Alameda area (modern centre)
  • Príncipe and Urzaiz Streets (commercial area)
  • Celtic Castro ruins
  • Castro fortress
  • Cathedral of Santa Maria de Vigo
  • La Alameda and Montero Ríos
  • Auditorium Mar de Vigo
  • Museums: Naturnova Museum, Museum of the sea, Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Castrelos, Verbum Casa das palabras, Pinacoteca de Vigo, Galician Center of Photography, Ethnographic Museum Liste, Pedro Barrié de la Maza Foundation.
  • Beaches: Samil, Carril, Canido and Vao
Muchas gracias Raquel!

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