Thursday, January 24, 2013

Matilda ♥

Matilda is a novel written by Roald Dahl in 1988, in case you haven't read it (I highly recommend it!) is the story of a little girl called Matilda whose parents are...well awful and pretty much ignore her so her whole world are books and after some adventures she discovers she has telekinetic powers. Along the story some other cool characters like Miss Honey and Miss Trenchbull (well she wasn't cool actually but she has a lot of importance on the story)
Probably Matilda is most known for the movie that came out in 1996 featuring Mara Wilson (as Matilda) and Danny DeVito (as her dad).

This postcard was issued by the Royal Mail along some other original illustrations in a series of Roald Dahl's stories as James and the giant peach, The witches, Fantastic Mr. Fox, etc.
The illustration on this card is from the original ones made by Quentin Blake and the design was in charge of Magpie studio.

I love this postcard a lot because Matilda is one of my favorite stories, I love both the book and the movie and as a kid I loved to pretend I was Matilda probably because I identified with her, well minus the awful parents, but I loved to read and I tried to fold spoons and move things with my mind... sadly I failed on that.
Love the fact it has a matching stamp as well!

Thank you so much Nat!!!

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