Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Bahamas

Scattered like precious jewels over 1,500 square miles of clear tropical sea at the top of the Caribbean, the chain of 700 islands, uninhabited cays and large rocks that make up The Bahamas covers just 5,382 square miles of land. Formed mainly of flat coral, with just a few gently rounded hills, the highest point in the entire archipelago is just 206 ft. But despite this shared topography, the character of each of the 16 main islands is as individual as the 300,000 people who live here. 
Although no written history exists before the late 15th century, the exciting discovery of drawings, pottery, tools and bones has proved that the islands we now now as The Bahamas were first inhabited as early as 300-400 AD. 
The very first people, believed to have arrived from Cuba, were soon followed by Lucayan Indians, 40,000 of whom were living on the islands when Christopher Columbus set out to explore the New Worlds and landed in San Salvador in 1492. 
Today The Bahamas represent a very popular holiday destination.

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