Sunday, January 06, 2013

Postcrossing meet-up!

This is a postcard from the Postcrossing Meet-up in Ingersoll, Ontario on July 21, 2012.
It's one of my favorite cards because I think Postcrossing meet-ups are great and the card they made for this meet-up is gorgeous!
Plus the different signatures on the back are just so cool!

Thank you so much Lynda for sending the card and thanks to everyone who signed it! 


  1. Hello! I stumbled on your blog via the Forum. I attended this meet-up and am looking forward to our next one this July. Lynda has designed another great card. We will be doing a lottery in June to send cards out. Look forward to seeing more of your blog.

    1. I just saw this comment, that's awesome! (: I just checked the card and it has your signature! That's so cool :D
      I'm really looking forward to attend a meeting sometime, since the postcrossing community in Mexico is quite small I guess I'll have to travel to another country, anyways I'll definitely be looking out for the lottery! Thanks for your comment (: