Sunday, April 28, 2013

Basque country

The home of  some of the world's finest food, beaches in natural settings, avant-garde architecture... 
This area in northern Spain is the ideal place for an all-round visit. If you go to the Basque country you absolutely have to try the famous pintxos : miniature morsels of  haute cuisine which you’ll see displayed in all their glory on the counters of numerous bars. You'll also find several restaurants run by some of the standard-bearers of the new Spanish cuisine. And if you'd like something delicious to drink, why not try any of the wines from the Rioja Alavesa region?
Also worth a special mention are its beautiful coastal destinations with such well-known places as San Sebastián, Zarautz and Getxo, as well as inland cities such as Vitoria and Bilbao. This last location is home to innovative buildings as the Guggenheim Museum, which has received international acclaim, or the spectacular Vizcaya suspension bridge, with the UNESCO World Heritage designation. Culture lovers are well advised not to miss the famous San Sebastián International Film Festival.
And added to all this, the Basque Country has a range of spectacular natural resources (both nature reserves and biosphere reserves) which make this the perfect place for sports, and offer yet another good reason to set out on the popular Way of Saint James pilgrim route which passes through this part of Spain.

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