Monday, April 15, 2013


This card makes me really happy not only because it's really nice and has beautiful stamps but also because I received it via this blog! :)

Zagreb is a fascinating destination, combining the best of Eastern and Western Europe. As the political  economic and cultural capital of Croatia, the city throbs with energy but has retained a good deal of old-world graciousness. The sober Austro-Hungarian buildings in the town center house elegant restaurants and fashionable boutiques along with scruffy pubs and rowdy beer halls. A proliferation of galleries display the works of the artistic community, a parade of international stars perform in the concert halls, and local DJs fill clubs with the latest sounds.
Spoiled by a coastline that lies only three hours away, Zagreb’s residents have a lively appreciation of the outdoors. Even in winter, the long, refreshing stretch of park that bisects the town center is rarely empty. When Zagreb residents head for the hills, they don’t have far to go: Mt Medvednica is only a tram ride away and offers hiking, skiing and great views over the city.

Hvala Vladimir!

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