Monday, April 15, 2013

San Ferfin

I really love this card and again the I need Spain stamp!

The card refers to San Fermín, one of the most famous festivals in the world and probably what comes to mind to most people when they hear the word Spain.
Festival of San Fermín. July 6 - July 14. The city festival of Pamplona. The festival begins with the txupinazo: a rocket fired from the city council's balcony at 12 PM of the 6th. A large street party ensues that night and for the rest of the week. The best-known feature is the encierro (running of the bulls), which is done every day at 8 AM (from July 7 to July 149. 6 bulls run through the town center towards the plaza de toros (bull ring); the adventurous and foolhardy run in front of them.

And as you can see the card says San Ferfin instead of Fermín, that's a game with the words playing with the fact that in 2012 the world was supposed to end and in spanish the word "fin" means end, you get it now? I thought it was a pretty clever and funny concept.
The postcard was designed by Kukuxumusu, a spanish company that makes all this funny designs.

Muchas gracias Sonia! 

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