Sunday, April 28, 2013

Palac Debowy

So in this neat postcard we have Palac Debowy. Looking for information online it seems to be a little hotel so here's a part of a review from someone who stayed there:
"This is a small country hotel in an old German hunting lodge, built at the height of the Romantic period. Set in a park of woods, lawns and lakes in a lovely part of Silesia, close to the border with The Czech Republic. The building is straight out of Beauty and The Beast in its complicated gables, towers, gardens, large mirrors, oversized doors and high ceilings."

The whole review can be seen here, it seems like the person who wrote this thinks the charm of this place is the fact there are not many guests.
Well if I ever travel to Poland I'll try to take a look of this place ;)

Dziekuje Sebastian!

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