Sunday, April 28, 2013

Happy postcrossing!

I got this lovely postcard from my swap buddy Julie, I think it's a really cool postcard and it's even cooler that it has the round global stamp! 
Lately there was a debate on the Postcrossing forum about cards that say "Happy Postcrossing" in the front, most people who participated on the debate seem to not like them. Personally I don't mind them saying that as long as they are nicely designed like this one, people reading this: What do you think about them? Do you like them or not? 

Thank you Julie!


  1. I love getting "I love Postcrossing" cards! I received one about a month ago and a few days later I received an "I love Antwerpen" card. Coolest thing ever - I might start a collection of "I love ..." cards. :)

    - Kirsji -

    1. I really like them too specially when they are super cute as this one (: I've seen pretty a few "I love" collections and I think they're pretty cool!
      Thanks for your comment (: