Saturday, July 27, 2013


The national History Museum of Moldova in Chişinău along lovely stamps

Chişinău is the capital of Moldova.
It's very wealthy compared to the rest of the country, as Moldova is not a very rich country. You'll see many modern and great buildings of steel, concrete and glass. Here you can see 4 and 5 star hotels, great restaurants and cafes, coffee houses and bars. 
Chişinău is a good place for food lovers. There are plenty of good places to eat all over the city. The cheap, tasty food that is very popular with the locals is served in most places.
There are excessive number of shops, malls and trade centers in Chişinău. If you are just visiting, consider buying a special cognac selection of about 30 small bottles, with different sorts of cognac. It can make a nice gift. Moldovan wines are deservedly famous across the former Soviet Union, yet are little known in Europe.

Mântenesc Renata!

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