Monday, July 22, 2013

Snail-mailers around the globe: Russia

A new month, a new interview for our series! This time we have Kiril from Russia who was really kind to volunteer for this interview, he has a great sense of humor and he has become a total postcrosser at heart in just a few months!

In what snail-mailing activities do you take part?
Postcard swapping and Random acts of smileness (This are when people volunteer to send postcards without asking for anything in return just to cheer up others).

How did you became a snail-mailer? 
I heard about Postcrossing in a Russian forum that gathers the fans of G.R.R. Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" and the TV show "Game of Thrones". 

For how long have you been doing this? 
For about six months.

Can you show me 3 of your favorite postcards and make a little explanation on why you like them? 

I received this postcard from a swap with a Russian postcrosser. I like it because it's really funny! Sometimes I call my beloved girl "my little witch", specially when she's freaking out. And when I look at this amusing picture I think about her.

I received this card on the official Postcrossing from Ukraine. It's really magical and romantic, all these fireflies and the reflection of the moon... it makes it a really peaceful and meditative picture.

This card was a surprise from a nice and warm-hearted Russian postcrosser. It's a French postcard with the image of Joan of Arc, a folk heroine of France and a Roman Catholic saint. I've always admired people who changed history with only their will and faith, exactly like in old legends and stories. 

How much does it cost to send a postcard in your country? 
Within Russia - 9.20 RUB  $0.30 USD ≈  0.20 € 
Abroad - 21.40 RUB (24.10 RUB by air mail)  $0.70 ($0.80) USD 
≈ 0.50  (0.60 )

Do you have any themed collections? If you do, why are you collecting them? 
Since I'm new to Postcrossing I don't have any for now. I just enjoy the fact of receiving a card from any distant point in the globe.

If you are into pen-paling, from which countries do you have pen-pals from? 
I don’t have pen-pals... but later who knows! 

Have you discovered any destination you'd like to travel to thanks to a postcard? 
I've always wanted to travel to the Scandinavian countries, British Isles and China, Japan and Korea. I guess it's my Euro-Asian nature!

A few fun/strange/surprising facts you'd like to share about your country? 
Well... today when I was eating pancakes with red caviar for breakfast I realized I had been sleeping all night with valenki on my feet! And my pet bear broke my favorite balalaika again! 
That was just a joke... speaking seriously I don't know exactly what to say, Russia is a big country. I've never been to the European part of it and for me Moscow is as foreign as Ciudad de Mexico ! Russia is full of surprises and strange things, you should better see it for yourself, welcome to Russia!  

In your opinion, what is it that makes sending postcards and letters through snail-mail special?
It's a fine way to make someone smile with just a piece of paper, that's really worth it. 

Spasibo Bolshoye Kiril!


  1. Really cool interviews keep them coming!

    1. Thanks! I really enjoy making them (:
      I'm always looking for volunteers by the way!

  2. The witch postcard story is really sweet, I like this interviews too :-)


  3. Amazing interview, Niza.
    I really like the way he shattered all the sterotypes about Russia in just one single answer XD

    Btw, I'm still wondering why I answer here sometimes in english, other times in spanish jajaja.