Friday, July 05, 2013


A really lovely (and long) postcard from Logroño showing the towers of La Redonda (The Cathedral) and Portales street 

Logroño is located to the North of the centre of La Rioja, by the Ebro’s riverside, 386 metres above sea level. The St. James's Way crosses the city.
Logroño has proudly conserved its historical past without restraining its future development. Together with the renovated ancient city centre, its modern layout has large streets, avenues, parks and gardens. In addition, it is a city of great services and many possibilities for leisure and free time.
Today it is delightful to walk up and down the Calle Portales, that since its remodelling and pedestrianizing in 1995 has recovered the vitality and charm of past times where you can enjoy a relaxed shopping. In this traditional Logroño street the most typical city shops can be found in perfect coexistence with the most modern establishments.
The people of Logroño are proud to have a great number of restaurants, all of great quality. Besides, the "chiquiteo" (drinking chiquitos, small glasses of wine from bar to bar with a group if friends), one  of the most attractive customs for the visitor you can to the most varied and succulent "pintxos" (appetizers) in town.

Gracias Conchi!

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