Friday, July 19, 2013

Le Pain

Another for the collection! This one comes with the names in french and english. It was part of my little spread talking about Nouvelles Images you can see here
We can see:

*Pain auvergnat (Auvergne loaf)
*Pain blanc au pavot (Poppy seed loaf)
*Pain de seigle noir (Black rye)
*Pain 7 céréales (7 grain loaf)
*Ficelle viennoise (Vienna stick)
*Baguette épi ("Ear of corn" baguette)
*Bagel américain au pavot (Poppy seed bagel)
*Bagel nature (Plain bagel)
*Bagel américain aux oignons (Onion bagel)
*Pain polka (Sandwich loaf)
*Multicroque (Crusty loaf)
*Petits pains (Rolls)
*Au pavot (Poppy seeds)
*Aux noix (Walnut)
*Aux céréales (Whole grain) 
*Petit pain de campagne (Small farmhouse)
*Pain complet au pavot (Whole wheat loaf, poppy seeds) 
*Pain de campagne rond (Round farmhouse)
*Baguette de campagne 
*Boule paysanne (Farmhouse)
*Pain de seigle (Rye bread)
*Pain azyme (Unleavened bread)
*Brioche nattée (Braided brioche)
*Pain de campagne ("Campagne")

Merci Ulla!

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