Friday, July 19, 2013

Hannover Postcrossing meet-up!

I received this lovely card from the Hannover Postcrossing meet-up that was held on June 20. I really love seeing all the colorful signatures in this cards and hopefully I'll get to go to a meet-up sometime! 

Hannover is the capital of Lower Saxony in Germany. Having a huge exhibition complex built for the World EXPO in 2000 and being host to several of the biggest exhibitions in the world, Hannover calls herself the "EXPO City" or "Exhibition City". 

Hannover is not a typical European city, don't expect to see beautiful centuries-old buildings; the city was one of the hardest hit during World War II, leaving it with only a few historical landmarks. Even the Old City area is "new"; all the old houses left standing after the war (around 40) were taken from throughout the city and collected in one place. This area is surrounded by grey 1950's buildings that give a somewhat heavy atmosphere to the streets. Hannover has large green areas, with forests and big parks. The landscape is mostly flat, with the river Leine going through the city. The lake Masch is rather spectacular, considering its size as a man-made object.
Hannover's public services are excellent, due to major reconstruction for the World EXPO 2000. The shopping area under the train station was renovated in 2005-2006 in preparation for the World Cup.
The city also offers a wide range of museums and festivals (specially in the summer) including a rubber duck race.

Vielen dank Chris and everyone who signed it!

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