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I'm absolutely in love with this card,  for some reason when I was a kid I became obsessed with the story of the Titanic and I love everything related to it. Wency visited the Titanic Museum in Belfast (which has a lot of cool titanic attractions) and sent me this awesome card.  

I think everyone knows the story of the Titanic so instead of history I'll just leave some fun facts:

*The Titanic sank because the sea conditions were too good. 
Most ships lost at sea were the victims of huge waves caused by hurricanes or large storms.  But it was a lack of waves that contributed to the Titanic hitting the iceberg at 11:40 pm on April 14, 1912, and sinking on the 15th, a hundred years ago.  There was no wind, and thus there were no waves.  It was a flat calm.  It was also a dark moonless night, which made it difficult to see an iceberg in the distance.

*The Titanic will completely disappear within 20 years. 
A newly discovered species of aquatic rust-eating bacteria is slowly consuming the 50 000 tons of iron that makes up the sunken liner. Experts believe that the invasive group of micro-organism will eventually swallow the ship like the ocean did those many years ago. The Titanic has already lasted 100 years but it has been predicted that in 15-20 years it will be nothing but a rust-stain on the bottom of the Atlantic.

*The Second Officer of the Titanic admitted years later the ship's binoculars were in a lock box that no one had a key to! 
Charles was the second officer and the most senior officer to survive the sinking of the Titanic.  Captain Smith gave Henry Wilde of the Olympic, the position of chief officer. That decision demoted William McMaster Murdoch to first officer and Lightoller became second officer. 
So, the late change in staff left the original second officer, David Blair, out of the trip altogether. It was a problem, because Blair was the one with the key to the ship’s binocular case. The crew ended up having no access to the binoculars for the entire trip.

*A man on the Titanic “fortified” himself with alcohol before being going into the freezing water for several hours, and surviving. 
Charles John Joughin was the chief baker aboard the Titanic when it set sail in 1912. When the ship hit the infamous iceberg Charles was off duty sleeping. According to his testimony he immediately got up and began launching lifeboats.  Charles was certain that he would die so he decided to ingest “a drop of liqueur,” which was a half full tumbler.  While in the water he claims he kept paddling and treading water for two continuous hours and, thanks to the alcohol, hardly felt the cold.

*In Titanic (the movie), the scene showing an elderly couple embracing while the ship sunk was based on a real couple. 
They were the owners of Macy's. Their names were Isidor and Ida Straus and their story is quite touching. After becoming extremely wealthy, Isidor married Ida, and by all accounts the two were inseparable. When apart they would write letters every single day and tried to always stay in each other’s company. The couple made it to a lifeboat, but Ida refused to board proclaiming, "I will not be separated from my husband. As we have lived, so will we die, together."  The couple then proceeded to the back of the panicking crowd and were last seen sitting together in chairs on the deck of ship, calmly holding hands until a massive wave washed them into the sea.

*The only Japanese passenger on the Titanic survived. For this, he lived the rest of his life in shame Masabumi Hosono was the only Japanese person aboard the Titanic. He was a civil servant working for the Japanese Ministry of Transport. A steward woke him up after the Titanic had already hit the iceberg, one of the last boats had room for two more people.  When he arrived in the US, he made his way to San Francisco, where he was dubbed the "Lucky Japanese Boy." At first magazines in Tokyo were running his story and taking his pictures. Soon, however, he found himself the target of public condemnation. The man temporarily lost his job and was condemned as a coward by the press. School textbooks described him as dishonorable and immoral. This is because people in Japan thought he was betraying the Samurai spirit of self-sacrifice.

And if like me you can't have enough about Titanic here you have some treats:

*A sneak peek of the Titanic Belfast Experience:

Thank you so much Wency!

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